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Our Veterinary Staff in Ferndale, WA

Our staff is the backbone of our practice. They allow our veterinarians to offer the high-quality, compassionate care we are so proud of. Give us a call at 360-384-0212 to experience our care for yourself.


Practice Manager

Shelby's Bio

I enjoy living on a farm in the county where my family raises Pygmy Goats and pigs. I enjoy spending time with my son and husband, and of course I love hanging out with our dogs! I love spending time outdoors. My favorite part about working at Whatcom vet is being around animal’s every day!


Lead Veterinary Technician

Kati's Bio

I have a sweet ball python named Matilda. I enjoy providing excellent nursing care to patients and teaching others. I love four-wheeling and hiking in the PNW wilderness with my husband!


Veterinary Technician

Kristie's Bio

I raise and show Lamancha dairy goats! I also enjoy running, hiking and biking.


Veterinary Technician

Maggie's Bio

I grew up riding and breeding Straight Egyptian Arabian horses with my family. I am fluent in three languages. I enjoy when puppies and kittens come in to visit!


Veterinary Assistant

Kate's Bio

I am a North Dakota Native. I attended college in Wyoming and in Washington for the last four years. I previously worked in animal welfare and shelters for 12 years! I have always wanted to work within a Vet clinic setting. Dreams do come true!


Veterinary Assistant

Nancy's Bio

I enjoy making homemade cards and I like to bake cookies. I grew up on a dairy farm which helped me decide to work in veterinary medicine.


Veterinary Assistant

Anastasia's Bio

I’m a single mom of a redheaded boy. I graduated from the BTC Vet tech program in 2017. I grew up having cats and currently have three; short hair, medium hair, and a long hair. My hobbies are; archery, charcoal drawing, messing around with my son outside and/or doing art projects, listing to heavy metal music, and from time to time will play my flutes, piccolo, and drum set. I’m originally from Reno, NV then moved to Winter Park, CO for a bit, before moving here in WA. I have a soft spot for all herding canines, especially Border Collies!


Veterinary Assistant

Kris's Bio

I have a dog named TinkerButt. I enjoy playing too much Candy Crush. I like making people laugh and making animals feel safe.


Veterinary Assistant

Amy's Bio
I have three rescue chihuahuas and two cats. I enjoy gardening, reading and am learning to play the piano! One of my hobbies is making concrete planters for my succulent collection.


Veterinary Assistant

Taylin's Bio

I love all animals, but cows are my favorite. They remind me of grass-eating field cats! Cats are my second favorite animal. Someday I hope to have a trauma farm where people with trauma can come to heal while working with animals.


Lead Customer Service Representative

Shannon's Bio

Bio coming soon!


Customer Service Representative

Mel's Bio
Animal Lover since childhood. I love swimming, surfing, and drawing! I have two dogs and five cats in my family. I love to laugh and joke!


Kennel Assistant

Jennifer's Bio

I have worked in the animal care field since I was 17 years old. My favorite breed of dog is a King Charles Cavalier.