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Cat and Dog Diet and Nutrition Counseling Ferndale, WA

Good nutrition is a key ingredient for your pet’s healthy and active lifestyle. The correct diet helps prevent certain diseases and helps them achieve their full potential. Diet involves the type of food offered, the amount of food offered and, even the method of food delivery. That’s why cat and dog diet and nutrition counseling in Ferndale, WA is a science in itself. With all the pet food choices and recommendations available today, it can be confusing. Let us help your pet by calling us.

Dietary Needs

Dietary needs vary based on an animal’s age, breed, and body condition. Additionally, each animal is an individual; therefore, a food’s ingredient list contains vital information that may help to make the proper choice for your buddy. Finally, certain medical conditions may necessitate specialized diets that meet unique requirements.

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At Whatcom Veterinary Hospital, we firmly believe that good nutrition leads to the optimal health possible for your furry friend. We’re excited that there are many appropriate diets for your pet today. We carry a complete line of diets for all life stages and specialized diets that are used to control and treat various medical conditions. Whether you stop in for a visit or call us, let us help you feed your pet correctly.